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Saturday, November 8, 2008


I like traveling. I like to visit other countries, to meet other people, to learn about other cultures. Of course i can 't afford so many trips. I 've found one very interesting web site and i thought to share it with you.
I am talking about EMPORIS. It 's a web site where you can visit many cities all around the world. You can see very beautiful images, read the history of each place, to check out for the highest buildings in the world, to learn some elements like population, culture etc.
Emporis lists on its database 209 countries. The web site is in two languages. English and Deutsch. Emporis is one of the world’s biggest providers of data concerning the building industry.
If you are excited with this web site and you are looking for a job you can work for Emporis. More informations you can find with one click here.
This web site is a very good tool for architects and civil engineers but it doesn 't mean that it 's not for other people also. As i said in the beginning of this post it 's an alternative way to see the world. I can 't say it 's better than the real thing but it 's better than nothing for sure.

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