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Friday, November 7, 2008


Today is Friday. My vacations are getting finished and on Monday i gotta go back at work. I really don 't know how i 'm feeling. I have mixed emotions about that. I can 't say i did something special on my vacations. I 've just relaxed and i 've got bored.
I am glad that i go back at work 'cause my time will be not so empty. On the other side i must wake up early in the morning everyday and my supervisor will bust my balls without specific reason.
Ain 't it crazy? I know i am not the only one who feels like that in occasions like this. For two weeks i was lazy as hell and now (in three days actually) i have to be vivid like a soldier. I hate that.
The only good think is i have to get three more weeks of vacations before 2009 enter in our lives. So... it 's gonna be kinda easier for me the time i 'll spend in my "loving" job.
Anyway. I guess i have nothing special to say today (maybe 'cause i am a bit moody) so i think it 's better for you and for me to split.