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Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometimes I don 't understand people. I really don 't. Today at noon I got into my mailbox to check my messages and i found a message from Google AdSense which said they stopped showing ads on my blogs 'cause they want to protect their clients. To protect from what? I am not a terrorist.
   They did it! I checked my 3 blogs and yes they did it. I understand their policy to protect their clients but it 's not my fault. What about if someone got crazy and started clickin' on my ads constantly every day. What if someone who just wanna be mean. What if is someone who doesn 't like my blogs. Is it my fault? Of course not! Google doesn 't care to protect also bloggers who give a huge content and brings a lot of readers and that means all of them will see and read the Google ads. That means Google earn a lot of money. The company get all the money and the bloggers get almost nothing.
   Anyway! I remember in the past, not long ago, when Yahoo was if not the biggest one of the biggest companies on internet and now has so many financial problems. Google must understand that nobody knows the future and nobody never knows what is gonna happen. If there is a problem in the future with Google many people will be happy. Don 't forget that when Google got into the Chinese market accepted to be controlled be Chinese officials and to give IP addresses.
    The last two years I earned $220 U.S. If Google thinks these money are too many and they will bankrupt I can help them. I can send them €100 as a gift from me.