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Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometimes I don 't understand people. I really don 't. Today at noon I got into my mailbox to check my messages and i found a message from Google AdSense which said they stopped showing ads on my blogs 'cause they want to protect their clients. To protect from what? I am not a terrorist.
   They did it! I checked my 3 blogs and yes they did it. I understand their policy to protect their clients but it 's not my fault. What about if someone got crazy and started clickin' on my ads constantly every day. What if someone who just wanna be mean. What if is someone who doesn 't like my blogs. Is it my fault? Of course not! Google doesn 't care to protect also bloggers who give a huge content and brings a lot of readers and that means all of them will see and read the Google ads. That means Google earn a lot of money. The company get all the money and the bloggers get almost nothing.
   Anyway! I remember in the past, not long ago, when Yahoo was if not the biggest one of the biggest companies on internet and now has so many financial problems. Google must understand that nobody knows the future and nobody never knows what is gonna happen. If there is a problem in the future with Google many people will be happy. Don 't forget that when Google got into the Chinese market accepted to be controlled be Chinese officials and to give IP addresses.
    The last two years I earned $220 U.S. If Google thinks these money are too many and they will bankrupt I can help them. I can send them €100 as a gift from me.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Finally I hold in my hands the magic piece of paper. I am talking about AC/DC 's concert ticket. The concert is not in my country but in Bulgarian capital, Sofia. Thank God it 's only five hours away from my city by car. The concert is gonna take place at Sofia 's national stadium Vasil Levski on May the 14th, Friday 2010. Its address is 38 Evlogi Georgiev blvd. 1000 Sofia and the ticket costs 75 leva (38.35 euros).  This is a really good price. Just imagine for the same band 's concert in Athens, Greece I paid for the ticket ninety euros.
    The crazy thing is the Bulgarians wanted forty five euros plus to send the ticket by mail. Unbelievable! 45 euros for a small piece of paper when at the same time if you want a letter you will pay 3 euors the most. I guess some people want to be ritch very quick. I was lucky 'cause one guy who works as a driver in a big company of my city goes every week in Sofia for business so he brought the ticket and I hadn 't to pay anything. I could never imagine that I will see AC/DC live twice in a year. That 's pretty cool.
   I put below a picture of my ticket (click on it to enlarge it) which I scanned and an AC/DC video. Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday was a holiday here in Greece. Forty days before Easter. This day nobody works and if the weather is good we go for excursion to the nature and we play with kites. We don 't eat meat, oil, dairy products. Just lenten stuff.
   The weather yesterday was cold but sunny. I took my car and my fiance and we went to Kerkini lake. What is that and where is that? I will tell you right away. Kerkini is the biggest artificial lake in Greece and in whole Europe. It 's located in the prefecture of Serres and it 's 35km away from the city. It was created in 1932 and it has very rare bird, animal and plant species. It 's surrounded by beautiful villages and spectacular mountains and  it 's touristic area. There are a lot of hotels. Thank God they respect the environment.
   There are many activities for visitors there. Horse riding, birds watching, boating, mountain bike, fishing, enduro, off-road driving, hiking into the forest through some specific paths and many more. There is a birds and plants center where a visitor can see interesting things.
   The hotels' prices are really cheap. €50 is the lowest you can find. There are plenty of restaurants and coffee houses where you can enjoy your food, your drink or you coffee and the most of them are traditional decorated.
   I put some photos which i got yesterday. I hope you will like them. Click on them to enlarge them.
   For more information visit the following web sites or just Google it:,,,