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Friday, February 19, 2010


Finally I hold in my hands the magic piece of paper. I am talking about AC/DC 's concert ticket. The concert is not in my country but in Bulgarian capital, Sofia. Thank God it 's only five hours away from my city by car. The concert is gonna take place at Sofia 's national stadium Vasil Levski on May the 14th, Friday 2010. Its address is 38 Evlogi Georgiev blvd. 1000 Sofia and the ticket costs 75 leva (38.35 euros).  This is a really good price. Just imagine for the same band 's concert in Athens, Greece I paid for the ticket ninety euros.
    The crazy thing is the Bulgarians wanted forty five euros plus to send the ticket by mail. Unbelievable! 45 euros for a small piece of paper when at the same time if you want a letter you will pay 3 euors the most. I guess some people want to be ritch very quick. I was lucky 'cause one guy who works as a driver in a big company of my city goes every week in Sofia for business so he brought the ticket and I hadn 't to pay anything. I could never imagine that I will see AC/DC live twice in a year. That 's pretty cool.
   I put below a picture of my ticket (click on it to enlarge it) which I scanned and an AC/DC video. Enjoy!