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Monday, November 3, 2008


Very often people (including myself) are nagging for the high bills we pay. About electricity, fuels, the prices in super markets, banks and many other things. Sometimes we cannot take it any more and we are desperate. We say our life is in misery and money are never enough. That 's truth. The big truth but...
...But we can do some changes to improve our lives. It 's not right to sit and wait for a miracle. We must strangle for the best. We can be more sensitive with environment. We can use alternative energy sources like solar power. We can have recycle as a goal in our lives. We will see results. Not right away but we will see for sure. The benefits will be appeared in our pockets and in environment.
One more thing we can do to not spend so much money, is to be less consuming. It 's not necessary to buy whatever new gadget, cell phone, car or purse comes out in the stores. I mean we must be less fashion victims.
Nowadays things are difficult (don 't forget the crisis we are into) and the future doesn 't seem so bright. Things are going to be worse. It 's my opinion. Maybe i am wrong and i wish for that but...