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Friday, February 5, 2010


Woohoo!!! I am really excited. Yesterday I bought the magic ticket for the AC/DCland through internet. Yup. I am going to AC/DC concert. Again! In Sofia Bulgaria this time. I could never imagine in one year I would go to see this band live twice. The previous time I went to their concert was last May in Greek capital, Athens in Olympic stadium on their latest CD tour, Black Ice. Yup this one where 2004 Olympic Games took place.
   Of course nothing is easy in life. The price of the ticket was really good. 35 euros or something like that but they charge 45 euros extra to send it in Greece from Bulgaria. Can you believe it? A small piece of paper to send it only 600 kilometers or 372.823 miles away? That 's the distance from Bulgarian capital to my city. I think some people are going crazy. Just imagine, to send a simple envelope with a letter from Greece to the U.S.A. or to Australia I need to pay 2 euros the most in post office and the letter will be there in one week, ten days the most. Some people want to be very rich in one night!
   Anyway. I will go with a cousin of mine to this concert. The company where his girlfriend  works has a branch in Sofia so we gave its address and an employee of the company will go there next week for business and he is going to bring the magic papers to us. So, everything is ok and the only we have to do is waiting for the big day.