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Monday, January 25, 2010


As i said in a previous article the last six months i am unemployed. The reason? One guy from the counting house did a big mistake and the foreman with other people said that the mistake was mine. The irony? My job had nothing to do with counting house. I was working in the warehouse (actually it was refrigeration) the company. Probably some people didn 't want me any more there. After five years in the company they discovered that i wasn 't good enough for my job.
   I received today a phone call from a friend who told me that my ex supervisor in the warehouse had a serious car accident. So i called him to wish for a good recovery and to ask if he 's okay. My ex supervisor asked me if anyone from the company called me to offer my job back. I said no and if they will call me i won 't accept. Why? Because the guy who had serious car accident cannot work in the warehouse for one year and they need experienced employees. That means they will not do it because they like me. They are not in so good situation. Less experienced employees, more products, more deals, bigger warehouses. But who tells me they won 't treat me after one or two years exactly like the way they did six months ago?
   My answer, if they will call me, will be "NO" for sure. They didn't care about me when they let me without job. They didn 't care if i owe money to the bank. Thay just said: "Take it like a good chance to develop youself to have advancement". Excuse me? Are you serious? Do you hear what you 're saying? Why should i help them? It 's time for pay back and justice for all.