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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let me introduce you my hometown. I live in Serres. Serres is a small town in northern Greece, in Macedonia. Macedonia is not country but a Greek territory at the north mainland of Greece and is located on the east, one hour away, of the co-capital of Greece Thessaloniki (or Salonika for foreigners). It has approximately 100.000 citizens. I told you. It 's small.
   In the prefecture of Serres there is the biggest artificial lake in Europe. Kerkini lake. Thank God our nature is amazing. We have mountains, forests, rivers. We are lucky.
   Well don 't think it's heaven. Serres has traffic problem, unemployment, some old buildings need renovation. There are no streets for bicycles (just few), no parkings and not many parks in the city.
   Citizens are not only Greeks. There are people from many countries. There are people from Albania, England, Italy, Germany, China, arabians (not many) and people from countries-members of ex Soviet Union.
   Serres is 45 minutes away from the beach. This is very good because every summer we have unbelievable heatwave. The winter is not so cold like northern Europe but believe me it 's still cold and we have a lot of humidity. The good think is that we have a ski center 30 minutes away form the center of the city on Lailias mountain.
   The city has more tourism the last years because we have the best in Greece and one of the bests in Europe motordrome. It's not for F1 but they want to make it. We 'll see. The fact is that people love motor sports here. The result of this is more hotels, resorts and spas have been built the last years.
   There are a lot of restaurants and the food here is really good. In some other Greek towns, islands and Athens is not so good. In the center of the city there is pedestrian zone with many shops and trademarks who are in all over the world. The prices? I think they could be lower but it' s not so expensive like touristic places.
   There are some museums also. The archeological museum, some other folklore museums, museum of natural history and some very beautiful monasteries. Visitors must go to Alistrati 's Cave also.
   Well if you want more information just Google it. I put some pictures i 've found on internet through Google. I hope you will enjoy. Some of them are from