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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ok folks! Obama is the winner. So far, so good, so what? I saw on tv people were crying. Tears of happiness. Alrighty! Do you really believe that one guy can make the difference?
The only good thing for me is finally a black guy is the president in the U.S.A. Don 't forget a politician is always politician. What means that? He will lie, he will spend money for nothing, he will take care of rich people first and he will not have so much time for the daily problems of the ordinary people. There is no-one politician who is saint. If you know someone, anyone from any country just inform me. I would really like to know.
One more thing. Don 't forget that only one president of the U.S.A. got not involved in a war. I don 't remember his name right now. I hope Barack Obama will be the second. I say i hope because i am 100% sure the wars are made from companies and not from presidents. Politicians are just the vitrine.
I cannot say i am happy for Obama 'cause i haven 't see anything yet from him. I 'll have opinion about him in the future. I can say i am happy that John McCain THE VETERAN lost. Big time!