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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hi there. Well as I was surfing the net two days ago I have found the Norwegian candidancy for the 2010 Eurovision. Eurovision is a music contest among the countries of Europe and it takes place every year in winner 's country. There is also Eurovision for kids. Through the years we heard beautiful songs and bad songs also. The last years rock music and metal music entered the competition. This is good because there is no more monotony with light, meaningless pop songs  and a mass of wannabe pop stars in one night. Personally I like rock music and metal as well.
   So... The Norwegian band is Keep of Kalessin and they are gonna participate in Eurovision with their song : Dragontower. Keep of Kalessin is a black metal band but their song Dragontower is really melodic and I can say that is easy listening. Well there is nothing else to say. I put their video with their song below. I am so gonna vote for them. That's for sure. Enjoy!