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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sometimes I really don 't understand some people. When they know some stuff or situations they act like they don 't know nothing or they don 't care. They live on their planet and they think it 's the same for all the world. They believe if they have no problems and the rest of people don 't face any problem. What I wanna say? Well, read below and you will understand.
   In a previous article, not long ago, I wrote that I got unemployed before seven months and I look for a job without results so far. That means life for me is not so easy. I get some money as unemployed from the state but they are not enough to pay all the bills. Thank God my fiance works and that 's how we survive.
   Last night we went to a restaurant with some friends. It was really nice. The food, the music, everything. When we asked the bill I saw that it was very expensive. I asked the opinion from the other friendly couples and they told me: "Come on, who cares. You don 't spend that money everyday". Probably they forgot that they work in public services. That means they cannot get fired and they get very good salaries.
   During the time we were in the restaurant my friend 's wife said: "Let 's go tomorrow in a Chinese restaurant downtown". I tried to avoid to answer 'cause my situation it was not the best and it was embarrassing to say affront everyone that my fiance and I we cannot afford going out every night. I had no luck at all and she insisted. I had to say we don 't like Chinese food. Bad excuse but what else could I do? The same lady continued. "In four days there is a concert in the city. Do you want to go all together?". I was really pissed off. Hello lady, what have i said two minutes ago? She knows our financial situation but she keeps on proposing expensive stuff to do, like trips, concerts fancy restaurants etc.
   As you understood the night was like hell for me. This lady didn 't want to stop at all. She said: "We go to the gym, why don 't you join us?". Then I turned to her husband and i told him: "Can you make your wife to stop? I really feel very uncomfortable".
   Finally the whole torture finished only when we left from the restaurant. I really don 't get it. Did she enjoy all this or not yet?

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