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Friday, January 22, 2010


Hi there guys... What 's up? I hope you 're doing well. I was wondering what do we really need (all of us) to be happy. Money? Recognition? Fame? Friends? Love? Family? It 's easy to answer but difficult to take some action. Right?
   I saw a documentary on TV the other day. It was about poor people who live in south-eastern Asia. They don 't have washing machines, they don't have cars, they don 't have money, fancy clothes. They don 't belong to material world. They have their families, a boat to go fishing and that 's how they are earning some money, and they have their health. "These things are enough to be happy", said one local. Wow!
   Believe me, i felt so jealous. The live simple with almost nothing and they are happy. They don 't care about celebrities, they don 't want to move in big cities, they don 't want fancy clothes. They are living not by the river but their houses are in the river. Their houses are not something special. They are handmade with few furnitures. They secret? They feel and they are free.

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