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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well, finally i almost recovered from the flu i got. I am ready to strangle again for life, to work hard and to live my life like shit again. Why am i talking like that? The answer is money. They are never enough. It 's all about the money. When bills are coming at home i have a huge headache. Surely i am not the only one on this planet with money problem but what can i say when the money i earn from work are enough only to pay the bills and to to buy the very basics for food? About amusement? Forget it! No money at all. The only fun i can have (and the most people on earth) is my internet connection, my tv set, my cds and a coffee in the coffee shop once in three weeks. Pathetic huh?
Can you imagine the scene in a few weeks? Happy songs, Santas on every corner, and lots of ads for Christmas. Don 't forget something: no money, no funny! Don 't do the huge mistake to get a loan from a bank 'cause after holidays you are gonna be so, so, soooooo sorry! Trust me.
So here 's the thing: No money for the most people means quiet holidays but not necessarily bad. To not have enough money doesn 't mean shitty Christmas. Get the real Christmas spirit and not the one that companies wanna sell to us very expensive.
Personally what am i gonna do during the whole Christmas and New Year days? Nothing special. Stayin' at home with my fiance, visiting my parents, no parties, no turkey (chicken is also ok), lot of wine and music at home and two or three times to go out for food, coffee, beer or whatever. My pocket keeps me in low profile.
Don 't forget there are many people who have the absolute nothing. No clothes, no food, no home, no kids or kids without parents, old people all alone in some nursing home. There is always somebody in worse place than us, so sometimes we must be greatul for what we have in our lives.

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