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Sunday, November 2, 2008


We are in the middle of the financial crisis and Christmas are coming. Ain 't it ironic? This is a global phenomenon. How many people will find difficulties to celebrate Christmas? The answer is many!
Thousands and thousands of people are losing their jobs because companies prefer to move somewhere else, mostly in Asia, in areas where people don 't count like human beans. They work a lot and they are getting paid with nothing.
If this crisis continue for a long time i think people will be transformed to animals. They will not take it any more. The history makes circles. The same situations come again and again after some years. I read in a newspaper that if this financial crisis will be continued, in many countries we will see revolutions. Many people believe revolution is the only way to have some better days. Don 't forget what happened in Argentina some years ago.
I think we are in the middle of nowhere. For me all these things are one big political game. Nothing else.

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