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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Finally the elections in the U.S.A. are gonna finish soon. I know not only the American citizens but the whole world is tired with these elections. It 's unbelievable how many many have spent so far. Who is gonna be the winner? Barack Obama or John McCain? I think the one who is gonna prove he is the most popular (and most celebrity also). Marketing is gonna be the big winner for sure.
Personally i prefer Obama 'cause i 'd like to see a black guy as the U.S.A. president and this is gonna be a huge step for all the Afro-American citizens. I don 't believe American troops will go off from Middle Asia so soon. The policy which America follows in international issues will be the same. I don 't expect big differences.
John McCain has the "quote" MAC IS BACK. Oh, my God! Do you really believe that a seventy years old guy has so much energy to govern a big country? Come on! And Sarah Palin as a vice-president? No thanks. The only think i can believe for her is that she' s gonna be president of the U.S.A. in a less than four years time. Why? John McCain is seventy years old and everything is possible (it 's not black humor, it's a possibility). What is Sarah Palin gonna do if she 'll be a president? She 's gonna give more guns to Americans and she will send more soldiers in Middle Asia to fight terrorists and all the bad guys. You know what means that, don 't you? She will spend more money to fight against everybody and the economy will go downhill.
I think Sarah Palin wants to continue what George W. Bush did. Really, what did you expect from a guy with a name like that (Bush)?
On the other side is Barack Obama. Many people believe that he has a vision. Alright! I prefer Obama than John the veteran but i still don 't believe he can do the big difference. Don 't forget that behind politicians there are big companies and they expect many things form the president and the vice-president.
I am European and not American but i 'd like to say to American citizens to not do the same mistake like they did in 2004 with George W. Bush.

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